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PPCNZ ceased operations in March 2020 with the retirement of the two Executive Directors, Alison Forster and Robyn Gaskin. Alison and Robyn thank their many valued clients, in New Zealand and internationally, who helped make PPCNZ a successful business over the last 15 years.

Plant Protection Chemistry NZ (PPCNZ) is pleased to announce that previous
PPCNZ services are now available to customers through Scion (formally the NZ Forest Research Institute). Scion has a long history of technical capability in this space and following the acquisition of PPCNZ equipment and recruitment of PPCNZ staff, would be happy to undertake PPCNZ type projects for you if required.
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Plant Protection Chemistry NZ Ltd (PPCNZ) is a privately-owned, independent provider of research, advisory and extension services relating to the use and efficacy of agrichemicals. Our focus is on improving the sustainable use of pesticides in the horticulture, arable and forestry sectors through our understanding of plant and pesticide spray interactions. We undertake fundamental research through government funded projects in collaborations with CRI's and universities. We are research providers for the agricultural sector in a range of projects, including SFF and AGMARDT. We specialise in providing research for local and international companies to develop agrichemical adjuvants to reduce the cost and environmental impacts of pesticide use.

R & D for end users, such as farmers and growers

PPCNZ undertakes research to improve the targeting of pests, diseases and weeds in horticulture, agriculture and forestry. Our spray application and tank formulation research is used to enhance pesticide control, reduce off-target spray drift, minimise pesticide use, and to increase the profitability, productivity, crop quality and efficiency of spray operations for growers. We provide research, technical advice and guidance to a wide range of grower groups in New Zealand.
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R & D for specialty agrichemical providers

PPCNZ provides confidential research to a wide range of local and international clients, for development of specialty agrichemical adjuvant products, product testing and comparisons, and identifying unique niche uses for these products. With client consent, we regularly publish results of our commercial research in scientific journals and at international conferences.
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Fundamental R & D

PPCNZ is heavily involved in research to clarify the mechanisms involved in all aspects of agrichemical spray application and formulation efficacy (spray retention, coverage, uptake and translocation) and to accurately model these processes. This fundamental research provides valuable IP to underpin all our applied research.
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